Partners and projects in India 2012


Partners and projects that Off The Mat And Into The World worked with in 2012:

Sanlaap- Project Rehabilitation
OTM will provide grant money to open a new Sanlaap Center for 25 girls that have been rescued from red light districts. There are already 4 shelters in existence with 250 girls. The center will have sustainable development measures such as green roof container gardens to grow food for the shelter, as well as a rainwater canopy to collect and provide clean drinking water for the shelter. OTM will pay for labor and materials.

Made By Survivors- Employment Center Expansion
OTM will provide grant money to train and employ over 60 survivors of sex slavery as artisan
Goldsmiths in Kolkata and Mumbai. Made by Survivors has proven to be a successful model and is currently in partnership with 10 charities, including Sanlaap, Apne Aap, Rescue Foundation and Women’s Interlink Foundation. They work with shelters and rescue organizations worldwide providing education, job training and job opportunities for survivors and their children. OTM is asking for an independent center to train 40 new women from 3-5 different shelters.

Clean Himalaya- Waste Management Project
OTM will provide grant money for an ” Organic Waste Converter” or composting machine to be housed at the Clean Himalaya Society Workshop. Clean Himalaya currently operates door to door garbage collections from over 400 registrants. They separate inorganic waste ( paper, plastic, glass, metal) and sell the recyclable waste. They place and maintain public dustbins. OTM plans to implement education through action whereby community will join in cleaning of roadsides, drains, ravines and cleaning of the Ganga Bank.

Mother Miracle School-Vocational Skills Training Program
OTM will provide grant money for construction of the Vocational Skills Training Program and ongoing costs for the next 5 years. This will house computer training, women’s empowerment program, electrician skills, English language classes, photography, music and arts. The school currently serves 600 of the lowest caste system and community and is the only “free” school of its kind in the slums of Rishikesh. They currently operate The Computer Institute, Women’s Empowerment Program, Health and Nutrition Program, Teacher Training Program, Environmental Awareness Program and Vocational Skills Training Program.

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