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“4 years ago, I would never have imagined my life, my journey would be where I am today, and I have “Off The Mat, Into The World” to truly thank. There are truly not enough words to express my sincere gratitude for this amazing and beautiful organization! I have found my Passion, my Purpose…and I AM continuing to grow, learn, transform, because of this beautiful community. I will forever be grateful & blessed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” – Ela W.

“Off the Mat flipped my perspective so I could see my shadows…the stuff in the background the at was dictating my life and ‘defining’ me. I went deep. I explored what I was scared of with support and love. With clarity and understanding, I am able to move forward on purpose. I can be change. It starts with me. Love is always the answer and what you believe in your soul is validated by this amazing leadership training.” – Leeanne G.

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