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  • Frequently asked questions:

     What time do I arrive?

    Check-in starts at 11:00 am. Class starts at 12:00 pm. Think of this like a normal yoga class…except with loads more people. You don’t want to be the last person there. Arrive early!

    Where do I go?

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    The venue is the Sands Point Preserve.

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     What should I bring?

    Your mat, your yogitoes, towels to mop your brow, sweat-proof sunscreen, and an open heart. Water will be provided, however, please come properly hydrated and ready for some love!

    How long will the event last?

    The practice should end around 2:00 pm.

    and…What is this “One Love” thing again?

    “One Love Long Island″ is an event to raise money  that invites a collaboration of efforts amongst studios and devotees of yoga to practice together for a common cause, in this case, for Off the Mat Into the World Global Seva Challenge: Amazon.

    “One Love” is a movement to create conscious activism, made up of yoginis and yogis attempting to live our yoga, our understanding that we are one, off the mat and in every moment. One Love’s hope is to inspire asana practitioners to use the tools of yoga to open themselves up to seva, to sacred activism and to conscious service. One Love, the movement, was born out of inspiration seeded by Off the Mat, Into the World.

    For more information on anything you see here, please contact Cara Stone or Nicole Marzigliano.

    One Love Long Island has joined the Off the Mat, Into the World Global Seva Challenge for 2012 to the Amazon.

    Cara Stone



    Nicole Marzigliano



    Nadine Wolfe for all retail related questions


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