Corporate sponsorship will allow us to maximize the fundraising income raised by the event while providing companies with an “in” to the yoga community.  If you own or work for a company interested in becoming a One Love sponsor, please contact Nadine.

2018 Sponsors

"  www.daayaniyoga.com” width= http://www.ekayyogalife.com/ http://www.embodylovemovement.org
 https://amanda-muir.com” width= http://www.GratitudeToBliss.com/  https://www.drinkhint.com” width= inner strength” width=
https://jenstock.com ttps://www.karmicjewelsbynadine.com https://www.etsy.com/shop/lolosol http://www.mmprvc.com/
”https://naturalawakeningsli.com/” http://www.dvoratroshane.com http://www.thetreasuretower.com http://templeturmeric.com
http://www. universalbliss.com/ http://www.veteransyogaproject.org/

2017 Sponsors

http://www.beanitos.com/ http://www.ekayyogalife.com/ http://www.embodylovemovement.org
http://www.GratitudeToBliss.com/ http://www.janeandrocco.com/ ttps://www.karmicjewelsbynadine.com
https://www.etsy.com/shop/lolosol http://www.lvoegrace.com/ http://www.lukedicolaproductions.com/ http://www.lularoe.com/
http://www.mmprvc.com/ ”https://naturalawakeningsli.com/” http://www.omsutra.com/ http://www.PleasantPetites.com/
http://www.purityorganics.com/ http://www.saltlampking.com/ http://www.dvoratroshane.com http://www.thetreasuretower.com
http://www. unitedweom.org/ http://www. universalbliss.com/ http://www.veteransyogaproject.org/ http://www. Y12SR.com/
http://www.motivatedfamilies.com/ http://www.zarahenna.com/ http://www. zico.com/

2016 Sponsors

Aerial World Fitness Agua arbonne
beanitos Logo - Chia Star scaled down logo Esmeralda Designs
Ever Veda Food for Thought Go Raw
Hamptons YogaFest JaneandRocco_logo-01 Jewels of the Lotus
karmic-jewels-by-nadine-gooddeeds lovegrace Natural Awakenings
NY Yoga Life  OmSutra
Purity Organics  Salt and Tea  Sankalpa Yoga Mats
dvora UniversalBliss_final (1)
Veterans Yoga Project Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 7.23.37 PM
logo ZICO2016



2015 Sponsors

arbonne arbonne Food for Thought
JaneandRocco_logo-01 karmic-jewels-by-nadine-gooddeeds JaneandRocco_logo-01
lovegrace miakoda
Om_Shanti_Logo RAW-SS-Logo
TinaConroy-1 twopalms
UniversalBliss_final (1)
Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 7.23.37 PM ZICO_TAGLINE_RGB

2014 Sponsors

arbonne AshleyAsti Logo cleansing
Ecuador MVI 700 Multi enerchi Food for Thought
JaneandRocco_logo-01 karmic-jewels-by-nadine-gooddeeds ks_logo_fincolorurl
liyogamag lovegrace Mediterranean Snacks
miakoda Om_Shanti_Logo RAW-SS-Logo
dvora TinaConroy-1 twopalms
tumeric UniversalBliss_final (1) theyogacollectiev
Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 7.23.37 PM zenamoon ZICO_TAGLINE_RGB

2013 Sponsors

Aura Cacia ZICO NOFC PPCW Logo OL_Lt and Dark Blue trans BG My Zen Home
BrainCore Therapy Food for Thought
Sedona Skye Tie Dye miakoda Wild Henna
karmic-jewels-by-nadine-gooddeeds Balanced Guru  Gaiam TV
cleansing  Web

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  1. Adriana Garcia says:

    Can you please direct me for more info about being a vendor? I’d like to set up a table and sell my book and possibly a tote bag.

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