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Regina Petralia grew up in Long Island, NY, always passionate about working with cars and motorcycles. At age 18, when she planned to attend Fordham University in the Bronx to study business and mechanical engineering, she was the passenger in a horrific car accident and sustained severe knee injuries. This accident changed the course of Regina’s life and led her through 7 years of personal experience recovering.

Regina PetraliaShe gave up her scholarship and left Fordham on an indefinite medical leave and began a journey to study the body passionately as well as heal her own. Throughout several surgeries and semi-successful physical therapy, Regina asked herself what SHE could do to make her body stronger. This began her quest to understand the body inside and out. As a supplement to her physical therapy, Regina found yoga. Yoga for her became the “spackle between the cracks,” the thing that held everything together. Even in severe pain, yoga would consistently bring her strength on many levels.

During this time of discovery, Regina managed car racing teams for work in the US and England, a direct reflection of her passion growing up. Her insatiable need to learn about the body led her to become certified in personal training, group fitness, & cycling in addition to her training in yoga. After some time, she left the management side of car racing to work with motorsport athletes individually through strength training, conditioning, & mental coaching, which she did for years throughout the US and Europe.

Regina spent 2010 in Denver where she graduated from the Denver School of Massage Therapy and assisted with dissections and lectures at the Laboratories for Anatomical Enlightenment. She is happy to be back in New York where she plans to study Neuroscience and Human Performance and create more efficient, holistic programs for athletes.

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